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2021 Past Year Review Pt 1

I wrote about this last year, as doing a past year review was something new to me. I found it beneficial so I decided to do it again and share with you. First, I went through and identified what I enjoyed doing and those things I didn’t, to see what I want to spend more and less time doing.

These are those things I am committed to doing more and less of this coming year.


I met 10 new really interesting people that I developed a friendship and connection with. I will continue to foster those relationships this year. All but one of these people do not live remotely close to me and most do not live in the same country.

I learned so much about my craft and changes coming to our world in the near future. I plan to continue to learn even more this year.

I enjoy hanging out in person with open minded people, I plan to do more of that, virus or otherwise.

I never Stand-Up Paddle boarded so much as this past year. I would like to try and get out just as much this year, especially now that I have figured out a way to work and see clients from the lake.

My desire for 2022 is to help and coach an ever-increasing amount of people in 2022 to be the best versions of themselves whether that is Health or Business.

I enjoy enriched and engaging conversations, even if differences of opinion make them a little heated. Only civil dialogue will lead to a better world that I want my kids to grow up in, not division and blaming. This also includes more enriched and engaging time with my immediate family.

One final thing, is more work on myself, that could be body work for recovery, self-reflection and meditation or being coached myself.


Spending any time with people who are unreliable or have no commitment. I was burned a few times this year.

Spending any time with people who are not open and honest. The last two years have identified who I want to be in my tribe.

Placating to all the nonsense in the world. You know what I am talking about.

Shallow conversations. Yes, the niceties are necessary sometimes, but they will not make up the majority of my interaction time with people.

There are other things of course, but these are the big buckets I am focused on. I am happy to discuss further with any of you, happy to have any of you keep me accountable, and interested what is on your list.

Please feel free to share.

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