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“Life Force” Book Review by Tony Robbins, Peter H. Diamandis and Robert Hariri

“Life Force” is the latest book written by Tony Robbins, Peter H. Diamandis and Robert Hariri. The book is about harnessing the latest in science and technology for longevity. Robbins uses his signature high-energy approach to encourage readers to take control of their lives, dig into the science and see what is possible with the latest in cutting-edge science research.

This was not a short read, but very interesting to a science nerd like me, and had plenty of citations that I always appreciate.

“Life Force” also features inspiring stories and testimonials from individuals who have transformed their lives through the principles and practices outlined in the book. These real-life examples serve to demonstrate where we all can hope to achieve with the right mindset and access to technological advances. It also features many of the cutting-edge technologies that we all hope can become mainstream and accessible in the very near future.

The authors emphasize the importance of taking action and making positive changes in one’s life to increase health span and longevity, regardless of the modalities described in the book.

I do want to be clear on one thing, while the information contained is cutting edge at the time of writing, this book is essentially a marketing tool to promote some of the companies mentioned that the authors have interest in, and for the new executive health clinics that they have opened.

With that being said, “Life Force” is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in what is coming down the pipe in the science of health and longevity.

While we all can’t have access to the latest services that the wealthy have, we all can make strides toward our own health goals. If you want to know how to get started to reverse your effects of aging, lets have a conversation.

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