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Goals 2023 Part 2

I was arrogant and foolish to think I could do it on my own all these years. I have now immersed myself into a network of quality people who I want to help succeed and they want the same for me.

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Goals 2023 Part 1

I cried again in front of the room, this time it was around not being the father I wanted to be and how I desperately wanted to improve my relationships with my kids and spend even more time with them.

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Why You Need a Certified Coach!

A certified coach keeps you on track, but lets you lead your own discovery and the steps you need to take for yourself. There is no program to follow, your journey and experiences are unique and your insights and advancement will come when you are ready.

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New Beginnings!

And then boom…I can’t bend over, I can’t put on my socks, I can’t tie my shoes, I can barely get off and on the toilet…but worst of all, when my youngest daughter was a baby, I couldn’t pick her up from her crib.

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Slaying Dragons

What dragons exist in our lives now. It could be any number of things for many people, some might include: trauma, poverty, homelessness, anxiety, poor relationships or health challenges.

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