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Why You Need a Certified Coach!

A certified coach keeps you on track, but lets you lead your own discovery and the steps you need to take for yourself. There is no program to follow, your journey and experiences are unique and your insights and advancement will come when you are ready.

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New Beginnings!

And then boom…I can’t bend over, I can’t put on my socks, I can’t tie my shoes, I can barely get off and on the toilet…but worst of all, when my youngest daughter was a baby, I couldn’t pick her up from her crib.

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Slaying Dragons

What dragons exist in our lives now. It could be any number of things for many people, some might include: trauma, poverty, homelessness, anxiety, poor relationships or health challenges.

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Did you Know I was Plant Based?

I would urge everyone to not get caught up in labels and narrow identities. Keep an open mind and really educate yourself and not fall for media BS hype and false truths.

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My First Float Tank Experience!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a float tank? What are the benefits?

I have wondered myself for years, and the occasional client would ask me about it, but I had no first-hand knowledge. So a couple months ago I decided to remedy that.

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My 4 Day Fast -Post 3 “Family Aspect”

I have no problem preparing meals at home where my meal is aligned to my biology and goals, and my kid’s meals are slightly different to be aligned to theirs. But I know myself well enough, that if they were home eating whatever, I wouldn’t be able to make it through a 4 day fast.

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My 4 Day Fast-Part 1 “The Physical Aspect”

Many of my clients or potential clients think about fasting quite often, mainly because people want to lose weight and often fasting can play a role in achieving that goal as well as other benefits like autophagy. Many are afraid of 4 day or longer fasts, and so was I, so I decided to do one myself.

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