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When your doctor says you are Normal, what does that even mean?

What if I told you, that someone could gain insight into their health span by their lab results, by some of their blood markers. Would you think that’s true?

When you are not your best, and your doctor tells you that one or more of your values are high or low, you probably already knew something was off.

But let me ask you this, when you go to the doctor for blood work and they say everything is normal, “you’re in the normal range”, do you even know what that means?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be normal, I want to be Exceptional! I want high performance in all aspects of my life, I want lasting energy from sunrise to sundown, I want to age well and be in charge of my health. I want a long prosperous health span.

These reference ranges are determined by the averages of the population. You know the average person is sick right? They have at least one metabolic condition that is limiting their health span.

Again, who wants to be average?

Many of these reference ranges have changed over time, so today’s normal was a previous era’s sick or at least less than optimal. A perfect example is testosterone.

Depending on the metric, you want to be higher or lower than the reference range to be the best you can be.

Another thing to think about: Do you want to be normal for your age or for someone 20 years younger? I pick having my body, mind and spirit be younger please.

Many people know they need to go beyond their regular general practice doctor, but don’t know the next step to take. How do you find a functional medicine doctor, how do you find an anti-aging and longevity coach (Hint: I am right in front of you), how do I know what will work for my genetics, if insurance doesn’t cover it, how expensive is it? The list goes on and on.

One service I have been offering my clients since I took a course on it, is how to interpret lab results to go beyond the normal and be optimal.

I have decided that I would begin to offer this as a stand-alone service for two reasons. First, I can help more people begin to move their health span in the right direction and second to act as an introduction to understand how I can help you without committing to working with me full-time. A test drive if you will, at a reasonable investment. If you have some recent lab results and you want an analysis from a different view point, and with a different objective (increasing your longevity versus just not being sick), then contact me and let’s get started.

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