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Wired to Eat -Book Review

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The author Robb Wolf, has been around the Paleo game for as long as I can remember, certainly before I turned my life around and got healthy. His first book The Paleo Solution came out in 2010. Wired to Eat is the follow-up and came out in 2017. Yes, this book is three years old. I have been meaning to read it for a long time and it never quite made it into my reading pile until recently. In anticipation of my library being closed for social distancing during COVID-19, I went in and grabbed Wired to Eat.

As this book is three years old, I will just give my very brief thoughts on it.

At this point in my journey and education, I didn’t find anything really new, considering the age of the book. However, I wish I would have read this book as I was in the beginning stages of my transformation. And the knowledge shared still holds true for those just beginning their own journey or who are thinking of making a change for their health. I would still recommend it to new clients.

The first part of the book gets into the how humans are “Wired to Eat” as the title suggests, discussing the Paleo Diet, Digestion, Individualization of nutrition, how food companies try and re-circuit our brains, and finally the importance of sleep, exercise and one’s community in regards to weight management.

The second part of the book gets into the authors plan for implementing a change to a more Paleo type diet for someone. This includes what he calls a 30-day Reset for an overall direction move, as well as a 7-Day Carb Test, where one can figure out which carbs are tolerable or intolerable for them. Remember nutrition is individualized. He also discusses Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting in this section. Nothing new here, but remember three years ago this was right at the forefront.

The last part of the book includes recipes and shopping lists to help those just beginning their journey. This has become all to common place now, but when I think back to three years ago, it was probably one of a handful of books that incorporated both knowledge of nutrition and practical recipes in one book.

While I agree with nearly everything in this book, due to the timing of me finding it in my personal journey and with working with my one-on-one clients it didn’t blow me away. But, that is not to say it is not a fantastic resource for someone beginning to look into a Paleo lifestyle and needing guidance.