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4 Domains Impacted by COVID-19 and Changes We Should Keep-Guest Post

The COVID-19 pandemic caused major shifts in all areas of life. Some of these changes have proven beneficial in ways other than infection prevention. The following are four domains that were greatly affected and some of the positive changes we should consider keeping. Here, health, performance and longevity expert Deepak Saini discusses the specifics.

1. Home

Even after the stay-at-home orders were lifted, many individuals voluntarily spent more time at home. Some chose to turn their houses into sanctuaries free of negativity. Whether there is a pandemic raging or not, it is always nice to find comfort at home.

The Guardian notes that other individuals took up hobbies to stave off boredom. Engaging in these activities at home rather than in other spaces saves time and gas money. Health-focused habits, such as exercising and cooking nutritious meals, are definitely ones that should be maintained post-pandemic.

2. Work

Work has been one of the areas most impacted by COVID-19: Many individuals started earning their paychecks from home. Remote jobs offer numerous benefits to employees and employers. People are often more productive and happier. The lack of commute saves time and reduces environmental impact.

Employees have also started changing careers to increase happiness at work. Some want less stressful work environments, and others want more time to spend with loved ones or pursue hobbies. Although it can be difficult during the transition, the focus on work satisfaction will likely have a positive long-term impact on employees and employers.

3. Errands

The pandemic has increased telehealth appointments considerably from pre-pandemic levels. Telehealth makes it easier and quicker for individuals to see a physician. Greater access could allow individuals to address concerns that they otherwise would have ignored or delayed.

As with doctor visits, curbside pickup saves individuals time — and is a boon for retailers as well. It also minimizes frustration by allowing shoppers to avoid crowds. Going online to see which stores have certain items available minimizes environmental impact by reducing driving time.

The pandemic stressed most organizations, but small companies were likely to be hit particularly hard. Many individuals helped by supporting their local businesses. Even when the economy is not under pressure from a pandemic, Brighton Journal explains there are economic and environmental benefits to shopping locally. More money stays in the community, and carbon emissions are reduced due to shorter travel and shipping distances.

4. Nature

Many people have spent more time outside due to higher COVID-19 transmission rates indoors. Those who normally like to stay inside are now experiencing the benefits of nature. Enjoying the outdoors lowers stress levels, which is particularly important during a pandemic but also necessary in more normal times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it. If any of the changes resulting from the public health measures have benefited you or your family, try to maintain them as we return to a more normal world.

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