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Book Review -Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through The New Biology by Sayer Ji

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I first became aware of who Sayer Ji was by seeing a few presentations he had given on various Health Summits of various topics. He came across as a very knowledgeable, and compassionate person. Then when this book came out and he made the media rounds and I heard him on a couple of the podcasts I follow, I knew I needed to start following him and subscribed to his newsletter at Soon after I decided I needed to buy and read this book.

In this book Sayer really unpacks the antiquated thinking and scientific dogma that is obstructing peoples understanding of their innate untapped potential for self-regulation and healing.

I think this is a must read for anyone SERIOUS about health, so I am not going to give away too much in this review, but let me tease you with some of the topics covered.

There are three parts to this book.

The first is titled: Your Body and the Miracle of Regeneration

In this section he describes how DNA, MicroRNA and Gene Expression is revolutionizing biology, how food acts as information for our bodies, the wisdom of the diets our ancestors had as opposed to the junk food diet’s we now have (my words), and how epigenetics is still barely discussed in medicine. The last chapter of section one discusses new studies and science on the biophysics of energy synthesis.

I agree with the author that for the majority of healing, your body with millions of years of experience knows what to do better than any pharmaceutical or treatment that is 100 years old or less.

There is a near infinite amount of energy stored in our bodies and if we can just harness that energy properly, we can be healthier for so much longer.

The second part of the book is titled: Rethink Chronic Disease, Prevention, and Healing

This is the bulk of the book and discuses cancer’s origins, prevention and treatment. Using lifestyle practices for brain health, which is something I am a huge proponent of. Understanding the myths and facts about heart medications, cholesterol and the inflammation connection to these issues. Reversing metabolic disease which I know is possible, as well as a chapter on rewinding your biological clock, something I am of course very interested in as I work my way to being a Centenarian.

While I have been aware of the flaws of cancer treatment for some time, Sayer introduced me to some new research that I had never seen before. Things that should be the standard of care. This kind of learning is why I read books like this.

There is a section on the problems with calcium supplementation that so many people, especially women, are told then need as they age.

The final part of this book is titled: Regenerate RX

This is where Sayer gets into the practical tips to clean-up your body, getting back to ancestral nutrition, supplementing to nourish your healing body and finally techniques for mind/ body healing.

As this gets down into the nitty gritty, I will leave that for you to explore on your own if you choose to read this book or if you choose to work with someone with a holistic approach to health like myself.

I have stated many times before, I appreciate a book that has lots of references to follow-up on, which this book does at 50 pages.

This book is about the New Biology, the New Science and it pushes back at the old established and I would suggest corrupt dogma, we have all heard for most of our lives. There is no wonder that Sayer Ji and many other trail blazers in health have censored by mainstream media (aka bought by Big Pharma and Big Food). I applaud him and others tirelessly working to bring this new important information to those who are open and willing to listen.

I highly recommend this book and if you want to learn how to implement these strategies into your own Health, Performance and Longevity plan, let’s have a conversation.