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Book Review: The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution -by Trudy Scott, CN

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I was on vacation and devoured another book I was reading to the point I had finished it too fast and was looking for something else to read while we were going to be spending some time at the beach. A family member had this book laying out, and had been meaning to read it eventually so I grabbed it and dove in.

I had seen the author Trudy Scott present before in a docuseries or two, so she was not unfamiliar to me. The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings is the type of book that usually aligns with my health and coaching philosophies, but would I learn anything new? This book was published in 2011 and I was reading this in the summer of 2020, so would it be a little dated?

The foods we eat and how much of them can impact our brain chemistry and emotions to a high degree. Most people don’t realize how much of their moods, thoughts and feelings are influenced by their diet until they make a change. What and when you eat can be the difference between feeling anxious and staying calm for many people.

The book is a very easy read and not too technical. It starts off with common foods that cause people issues and some of the diet modifications one can employ to see changes in their life. There are a lot of charts and questionnaires throughout that can help people guide themselves to start making some changes or choices on their own without working with a professional. There are also some anecdotal stories woven throughout to make the concepts more relatable.

Chapter 5 was all about digestion, which was nice to see, as many books do not address these concepts and some of the simple things one can do to improve their food absorption.

Chapter 6 is about Brain chemistry and at the time I am working with a client that is looking to address some concerns in this regard, so this found me at the right time. I found the charts and questionnaires in this section helpful and will become a resource for me go forward.

The last part of the book talks about lifestyle changes, which are very important along with nutrition in addressing many issues including anxiety and brain health. There is a longer case study that the book ends off with.

There was very little that I disagreed with the author about, the only main issue was the form of certain supplements that were recommended, whereas I would suggest a different form. This could be due to the information available at the time the author was writing this book.

As mentioned above, there are a couple pages that will become a resource for me, but overall, there was not a lot of new information for myself. That being said, if you or a family member are struggling with anxiety and want a simple, easy to follow book to get started on your own, this book will do the trick for you. Even though it is 9 years old, it is still relevant and a good resource for someone beginning their journey into working with anxiety. At the very least, it is an easy read.