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It’s All About Inflammation!

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There is so much divisiveness in the world right now. And no I am not talking about politics or religion.

I am talking about diets.

Vegans & vegetarians on one side, carnivore & keto on the other, and every shade of HFLC, paleo, calorie counting, as long as it fits your macros, pescatarian etc in between.

And don’t get me started on where the SAD (Standard American Diet or Canadian or Australian Diet) fits in.

What is the best diet?

First of all, let’s drop the “diet”, Health is a “lifestyle”.

Second, there is no best way of eating for everyone.

It depends. It is very individualized.

What are your genetics, your epigenetics, your ethnicity, your culture, your sex, your age, are you on medication, do you have other health conditions or concerns?

One thing I can guarantee, if you cut out inflammation, you will be healthier, no matter what you eat.

Inflammation comes from many sources, and food is one of the biggest sources of inflammation.

What are the biggest Inflammation culprits?

Again, this is individualized but let me list off some of the big ones:

Processed Vegetable cooking Oil- nearly everyone

Sugar – nearly everyone

Grains (and there are many types) – a lot of people

Gluten -many people

Dairy -many people

Legumes – some people

Nightshades – some people,

…and it can get very granular to your specific genes and gut microbiome

There is no easy, one size fits all answer for everyone.

Stop pretending that there is?

Cut the inflammatory foods and other inflammation sources and have better health, less pain, less fat and lose weight

I work with my clients to cut inflammation for their individual needs, what is best going to serve and suit them.

Having battled obesity, back and joint pain, I know what works for me, but it would be Arrogant to think exactly what I follow will work for every one of my clients.

So those Health professionals planting a flag in one camp or basing your identity on one philosophy, Get Over Yourselves. Yes, I am calling you out!

I encourage you to checkout the rest of the website or other social media (click the icons at the top of the page) to see some more posts on some of my struggles, experiments and to see how I could possibly help you reach your goals.