You are currently viewing BOOK REVIEW! EMF*D -5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones:Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself. By Dr. Joseph Mercola

BOOK REVIEW! EMF*D -5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones:Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself. By Dr. Joseph Mercola

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I have known about Dr. Mercola for quite some time and just really started following his work over the last couple years. He is one of the pioneers of health freedom and has the longest running, most comprehensive website on health freedom.

While he has written countless articles and nearly 20 books, EMF*D was the first that I chose to buy and read. I have been well aware of the dangers of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) for a number of years and even include it as a component in my Optimized Health Course I present to corporate clients. With the roll out of 5G I thought I better fully verse myself in the real science.

For many of you this will be an eye opening read that may scare you into action to reduce, mitigate and eliminate EMF’s in your home and other surroundings.

The book is not intended to cause fear, panic or paranoia considering the magnitude of the problem. It is intended to educate you and your families and give you tools to protect yourself and especially children, who are MUCH more susceptible to the effects.

I have posted before about testing my own home for EMF’s and my findings.

EMF*d does a fantastic job of breaking down the real science on this controversial issue. Everything you need to know about EMF’s, how it affects your body, to heal yourself after prolonged exposure, and how to guard yourself and others from it.

I’m not naive. I know 95% of you aren’t going to change your lifestyles because I wrote this book review. But as 5G is blanketing the earth, plants and insects are dying off, and diseases are skyrocketing, I have a duty to share with you.

Working on EMF education and mitigating exposure is one of the many areas of Health I work on with my private clients.

Dr. Mercola provided a nice list of resources and suggestions at the end of the book. And as always, I personally appreciate a heavily sourced science and health book If you want serious and DETAILED science on how EMFs are so damaging, grab a copy or contact me to learn more.