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I would like to thank one of my Functional Medicine Doctor friends for the idea to make this post.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be published, interviewed and appear in articles. Sure, I posted these on social media but had never thought to link to these here on my site. So this post is to rectify this.

This profile was in the Daily Dividends, a magazine put out by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta.

This article was about Biohacking in my city and I was interviewed for my thoughts.

This was my first published article in the Capitalize Magazine (produced by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta). The article is titled “Healthy Habits for Academic Success” and appears on page 18.

This was an appearance on the Calgary Business Podcast

This was an interview on the Health Coach Radio Podcast

This was an article I was featured in during the Coronavirus Pandemic during 2020 on the challenges of working form home, even for Health Coaches.

If you would like to interview me to appear in your magazine or on your podcast, to write an article for your publication or to speak at your event or for your corporation, just contact me.