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My first Psilocybin Experience

As many of you know, I am a self-experimenter, within reason I guess. But I wanted to share my experience trying Psilocybin mushrooms. These were not pure mushrooms or dried or ground up, but rather in a pill form that I had acquired.

The pill consisted of:

100 mg of Lion’s Maine mushroom

100 mg of Psilocybin

40 mg of Blueberry extract, and

40 mg of Niacin

Note: I do get Niacin flush with as little as 20 mg sometimes, especially on an empty stomach.

I had three pills, so I decided to break it up into 1 pill one day and 2 pills the second day.

For both of these experiences, I set myself up this way.

I was approximately 14 hr fasted, no caffeine in system (was on caffeine reset), only had 16 mushroom bled tea beforehand, wanted to see if that would help. Laid on my back on the floor in a dimly lit room in my house in the basement. My wife was working and the kids were at school, so it was nice and quite

I did a 1.5 hr Guided Meditation both times. The first and second experience were 8 days apart.

So what was my experience?

1st – Again, 1 capsule. I had a dream or vision of my hair growing really long, longer than at any time of my life and very tight spirally hair, which is not my hair type at all. So that was weird, maybe some hair envy?

2nd – Again, 2 capsules. My dreams or visualizations, I’d say more visualizations to follow the guided meditation were absolutely more vivid in colour. I don’t really know if I dream in colour, I don’t think I do, but this was crazy colourful, like something you would imagine from the 70’s tie-dye era or new age videos or something. I also had a massive skin flush response with two capsules, did not experience that with only one, but that is not a surprise since I had 80 mg of Niacin, which would be 4 times what I normally take daily.

Both times, via the guided meditation and focusing on contracting muscles with the focus on the brain, I felt a rush of blood to my head. It felt exactly the same as when I hang upside down on my inversion table and have all the blood rush to my head. I don’t know if that was the meditation itself or anything to do with the ingredients in the capsules.

I would say my experience was Psilocybin lite for sure, definitely compared to some people I know.

But a nice entry level experience none the less. I will definitely try just taking Psilocybin sometime in the future and see what experience I have.

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