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My First Float Tank Experience!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a float tank? What are the benefits?

I have wondered myself for years, and the occasional client would ask me about it, but I had no first-hand knowledge. So a couple months ago I decided to remedy that.

A float tank is essentially an enclosed mini pool, where sounds and light are completely blocked out and there is enough magnesium in the water that your body will actually float on the surface. The water temperature can be adjusted slightly to match everyone’s perfect body temperature.

I wasn’t sure what to expect outside of floating. I planned to do some deep breathing to relax and get into a meditation. I put some earplugs in, hung up my robe and climbed in naked.

The sensory deprivation took some getting used to. I was almost a bit anxious to start, but I kept breathing deeply. I am not sure how long I was floating there with my arms at my side, but it seemed like I couldn’t get my mind to stop getting distracted. Eventually, I moved my arms above my head, which is how I usually fall asleep (I have heard anecdotes that can be an indicator of a health issue, but we’ll save that for another day).

Now I started to relax and soon fell asleep. This was around 11 am and after my usual two coffees. With no other compounds in my system, I had some vivid dreams (see my post on my psilocybin experience). When the operator had to wake me from my deep state, I was so relaxed. In fact, he told me afterwards that the usual methods to wake someone didn’t work and he had to open the tank slightly and physically touch my foot (Don’t worry, we are friends).

So what do I take from this experience? While magnesium is used for hundreds of functions in our body, relaxation of muscles is certainly one of them, however, I really do think that once I got comfortable, the sensory deprivation was what was able to get me into a deep relaxed state, more so than I can in my current meditation practice.

Will I try it again? I don’t know if I would go out of my way to be in a float tank, but I certainly would try it again. I do know that I will be adding a higher quality magnesium supplement to my regiment. Many people don’t realize how important magnesium is and many people are deficient in this important mineral.

If you want to know what I do to de-stress, how I meditate or a big discount on one of the best magnesium supplements out there, contact me.

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