Book Review -Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks do to win at Life by Dave Asprey

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First of all, I have to profess that I have been following Dave Asprey for many years, am a fan of his and his message and have read all of his previous books and even purchased some of his nutrition products which I have written about before.

Dave has been running a podcast (The Bullet Proof Executive) for well over five years, maybe longer and has interview some of the world’s leading experts on various topics. For the first 500+ of these interviews he ended each podcast with asking his guests one question. “What three things would you advise someone to kick more ass in their life?” This book is a statistical analysis of all of those top answers.

From all those answers, Dave came up with 46 Laws, which he then grouped into three sections: Smarter, Faster and Happier. We all want to more of those things, right? I know I do.

The first page of the introduction chapter has a very unique word map or infographic on how many times the top answers came up and their weighting.

I thing I appreciated and I believe other readers will as well, is that at the end of each law, there are action items for you to try, work on or incorporate into your life, as well as a reference to the original interview(s) that this law was developed from, so you can go back and listen in more depth. As well as a recommended reading list of those guests work as it relates to that law. I especially liked that last touch, as it has become a future reading list for myself.

I am not going to go over all the laws in the book and what they mean, as you need to read it for yourself and find your own context in your life.

I will briefly mention the top three that came out of the data crunching. Nutrition and fueling your body were the top choice across these high performers from various disciplines and backgrounds. Relationships and community were the second most cited area of advice and Self-Awareness or Habits was number three on the list.

From my own personal experience and development, I would concur that these three are right near the top of the list to better performance in your life.

As mentioned, I have followed Dave for years, so none of theses Laws were completely new to me, but the way they were organized into digestible bits to follow and put into action was great. I think for someone finding Dave’s work for the first time, this book is a great way to get caught up on years worth of guest’s interviews summed up nicely.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn to perform better at whatever they do and leverage the work that Dave Asprey has already done for you.

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