You are currently viewing Book Review -UNDOCTORED: How You Can Seize Control of Your Health and Become Smarter Than Your Doctor by William Davis, MD.

Book Review -UNDOCTORED: How You Can Seize Control of Your Health and Become Smarter Than Your Doctor by William Davis, MD.

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UNDOCTORED is a book that has been on my shelf for over a year. While I was very eager to read it, other books kept going to the top of the pile. I do wish I would have read it sooner as it is chalk full of knowledge. William Davis is also the author of the Wheat Belly book series.

The book is laid out into four sections.

The first goes into the state of the healthcare industry and how we got to where we are at currently. To recognize that healthcare is big business and those interests will be protected. And to understand the many myths perpetrated to protect these business interests. The book is not about diagnosing your own illnesses or prescribing your own medication, but about taking back control over your health by taking advantage of new information and tools at your disposal. There are a few case studies of patients presented in the opening chapters as well.

The second section of the book goes into those health tools that are at one’s disposal. One aspect discussed is that the now wide access to information and the ability to collaborate with others around the world makes numerous aspects of conventional health care obsolete while putting you at the center. Nutrition and the elimination of seeds of grasses (grains) is discussed in the reversal of numerous health conditions. To those familiar with Dr. Davis’s previous work, you would expect to see this section. Also discussed is the notion to never accept “health or nutrition” advice on blind faith. Much of what is passed off as modern nutritional advice is nothing more than industry marketing or stumbling misinterpretations of science. The final chapter touches on supplementation and discusses the new apps, testing and tracking tools that make it easier than ever for the individual to measure their health on their own.

The real action items are contained in section three of the book. It begins with a deep dive into nutrition with Dr. Davis’s recommendations, followed by a chapter of recipes. I have seen more than my fair share of recipes and usually don’t take much notice of them, but I have to admit there were a few that I took the effort to write down to try. Next, he moves into the importance of a healthy microbiome and how to get your pre-and-probiotic nutrients. This ties in nicely with the following chapter on supplementation and ensuring to address our basic needs. Dr. Davis discusses which he feels are the most important ones. I can’t say that I disagree with any of them from my own research. While each vitamin or mineral provides its own benefits, it is the synergistic combination of them with proper nutrition that powers one’s individual health. While Dr. Davis is not an expert in Sleep, Exercise or Toxins, he does provide a nice starting point for someone just getting started in these areas.

The forth and final section of the book begins with providing some additional steps for people with very specific conditions such as: (Constipation, Kidney Stones, Fatty Liver etc), as well as providing many references. There are tables for hidden sources of wheat and sweetener alternatives. I appreciated the fact that additional resources are provided to the reader to seek out other Doctors or organizations that specialize in certain specific areas where Dr. Davis just touched upon or did not get into great depth. Finally, this section lists the extensive sources cited throughout the book in a by-chapter format that is easy to follow.

UNDOCTORED by William Davis, MD is a couple years old now, but I think a worthwhile read for anyone looking to begin the journey of taking control of their own health. As someone who has been on that very journey for over five years now, there were still some new things I learned. I recommend reading this book.