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Book Review -Super Human by Dave Asprey

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I just recently finished the latest book by Dave Asprey of Bullet Proof Coffee fame. If you read some of my previous reviews on his other books, you know that I have followed him for a long time and even occasionally buy some of his products.

Super Human is a book about anti-aging and longevity. This topic connects with me as I have goals to be a highly functioning centenarian and beyond, and longevity is something I work on with my clients and publicly speak about. 

I am not going to give anything away as I think you should read this book too, if you are interested in anti-aging and longevity.

The book is basically broken up into three parts. The first is titled Don’t Die, and lays out the basic foundation for healthy living, the four biggest killers and how to mitigate those. For the vast majority of people these will be new thoughts and ideas, but for myself or people who work with me, it is a refresher.

The second part of the book is titled Age Backward, and gets more into the advanced topics for premium health. Things like brain health, heavy metals and your nervous system. Many of these topics are not hard nor expensive to implement, but you first need to master the strategies in the first section.

The final part of the book is titled Heal Like A Deity, and gets into the most recent and cutting-edge science regarding longevity. These are a little bit more exclusive and expensive techniques for the time being. Things like stem cells and peptides will become cheaper in time and hopefully become the standard of care or everyone.

In my own personal journey for Exceptional Health and Longevity, I would say I am right on the cusp of entering this third phase of progression.

This book is highly sourced with the research which I appreciate so I can look up these studies and research papers for myself.

I feel that if you end up highlighting, flagging and making notes on a book, it was worthwhile.

I fell this way and if you want to learn more about Longevity, this book is for you.

If after reading the book, or if you want to skip the book altogether and get right to work implementing your longevity plan, but need guidance, please reach out to me.

I would be pleased to grow old with the Exceptional You!