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Guest Host Appearances on the Health Simplified Podcast

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I had the privilege of being a guest host on the Health Simplified Podcast. This audio podcast is run by a couple acquaintances Dr. Shabnam Das Kar, Functional Medicine Consultant and Michal Ofer, Functional Nutrition Consultant. Shabnam and Michal are the founders of the MDS Program. The episodes I appeared in were the following.

Health Myths Part 1

Exercise is the way to lose weight.

Eat low fat to lose fat. Resting Energy Expenditure , low carb diet versus low fat diet. 10% weight loss and long term health.

Counting calories or just eating less is the best way to lose weight. Related blogpost.

Eat heart-healthy grains at every meal. Personalised Blood Sugar Response video. Prioritise protein. Individualised. Carb not essential nutrient. Fat and protein are essential nutrients.

Cholesterol from food will kill you. (Longer episode later)

Juice counts as a serving of fruit. Myth or fact?

To be healthy you need to eat less salt. Insulin and salt. Sodium an essential nutrient.Genetic variation.

Diet soda is better for you than regular soda.

Coffee and your health. Insulin, diabetes, homocysteine and caffeine.Sleep.Related  episode.

Vegetable oils are healthier for you than other fats. Cooking oil video.

Health Myths Part 2

Wine is good for your heart. Alcohol and weight loss episode.

             Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

You need to carb-load before a workout.

Do you need to eat right after exercise

Fasting is a fad diet. It is dangerous to starve yourself.

You need to eat every 2-3 hours or eat several small meals.

Glucose or sugar is the body’s preferred fuel source.

You need to drink protein shakes to make sure you get enough protein.

Video Low Carb Vegetarian Eating. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Video  Is  Eating Breakfast Good For You?